services_imgDedicated trucking services means the truck and driver are dedicated to servicing your customers. We take care of driver hiring, truck maintenance, fuel, insurance and all of the other management and overhead issues associated with maintaining a private fleet. We design a program to meet your specific needs from fully dedicated, white-labelled fleets to our unique hybrid programs that provides many of the benefits of dedicated trucking without a full-time fleet.

Benefits of Dedicated services:

  • Frees up time and management, allowing you to focus on your core business
  • Frees up capital which can be difficult to access and constrains new investment
  • Guaranteed capacity
  • Total fleet management with access to outstanding industry expertise
  • Liability limitations (auto and labour)
  • Significant technology resources such as route optimization and tracking
  • Management and KPI reports

Fully Dedicated
Equipment is 100% dedicated to the shipments and pickups that your company provides. These models often include the assignment of tractors, trailer pools, and drivers and can include on-site dispatchers. Fleets can be local or line haul, servicing one facility or many. An ideal solution for distributors or manufacturers that need to ensure their product gets to market on time, every day without the reliance on standard LTL or truckload carriers.

Hybrid Dedicated
Trucks are utilized between 40-60% of their available operating time. These solutions typically include a dropped trailer pool with cargo deliveries set to a schedule or dispatch call-in. These scenarios are best suited to shipper or receivers that do not ship every day but have routine deliveries, stock transfers, raw material pickups, etc.

Total Freight Management
We can create a completely customized total inbound and outbound managed transportation solution. Tandet Dedicated is a member of the Tandet Group of Companies, allowing us access to an incredible pool of experience and resources covering all aspects of freight management. Inbound, outbound, accounts payable, traffic logistics and more. Tandet creates opportunities for fully outsourced solutions that allow you to focus on your core business.

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