Service Modes

Packaged Service Modes Packaged
Whether on skids, in drums or delivered by hand, Tandet Dedicated delivers for customers across Canada and from Canada to the United States. We supply straight trucks and tractor/trailer combinations to a wide variety of industry sectors including: pipe, oil, chemicals, car parts, wire, electrical components and other packaged goods.

RefrigeratedService Modes Refrigerated
With years of experience carrying temperature sensitive products, Tandet supplies dedicated reefer trailers (food grade and non-food grade). A dedicated fleet brings value added service to your customers. A regular driver means a better managed customer relationship helping you retain and grow your business.

BulkService Modes Bulk
Hopper and liquid tanks has been a core part of Tandet’s service offerings for decades. We manage wash programs to help ensure load to load tank compatibility and collect product samples for QA testing. Single and compartmentalized trailers with pumps and hose reels, kosher trailers and other configurations. An even more unique delivery mode is our pump-from-tote services. This combines bulk delivery with the use of standard trailers, allowing a wider variety of smaller quantities of product being delivered on the same route.

FlatbedService Modes Flatbed
Full and hybrid dedicated programs utilizing many different flat deck configurations such as rack and tarp, Roll-Tite, cranes and under-mounted forklift. Drivers are trained in all accessory equipment to ensure that whether the delivery is to a receiving dock, a yard or a job site the work will be done professionally and on time.